Welcome to Newsletters Together!

I just want to extend a personal thank you & congratulations on starting your newsletter journey with us!

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Step 1: Join the Mastermind Group

This is where you can ask any and every question you have + get updates from me + network with others!

Step 2: Register For The Weekly Live Calls

Registering through the link below will sign you up for ALL future live calls. One link, all calls.

Step 3: Watch The Welcome Video

Step 4: Watch The Recorded Live Calls In Order

All future live call recordings will be added here within 24 hours of each call.

Replay of Call #1 - February 14th, 2024

> Overview of what we are doing

> A look at the system we use

> How we are monetizing

> How we are getting initial subscribers

Replay of Call #2 - March 13th, 2024

> Changes and updates to our newsletter

> Insights and records from our stats

> Newsletter hotseat (dissect newsletters from members)

> Q & A with live attendees

Replay of Call #3 - April 3, 2024

> Introduction to my assistant Helen

> Tips & tricks on content generation from Helen

> Helen's insights on social media (X/Twitter) strategies for organic traffic 

Replay of Call #4 - April 10, 2024

> Accepting An Ad to Get Paid Per Click.

> Buying a new Boost Ad to Pay Per Subscriber & Build My List.

> Quick look at this week's Roll Call newsletters.

> Q & A from live attendees.

Replay of Call #5 - April 17, 2024

> Q & A with live attendees.

Replay of Call #6 - April 24th, 2024

Replay of Call #7 - May 1st, 2024

Replay of Call #8 - May 8th, 2024

Replay of Call #10 - May 22nd, 2024

> How to Setup & Create TikTok Ads (Full Walkthrough)

Replay of Call #11 - May 29th, 2024

> TikTok Ads Case Study Week 1 Update

> Gathering Valuable Feedback from Ads

> Testing New Ads

Replay of Call #12 - June 5th, 2024

Replay of Call #14 - June 19th, 2024

Replay of Call #15 - June 26th, 2024

> Telegram Ads

Replay of Call #16 - July 3rd, 2024

> Using Solo Ads To Build Your List

Step 5: Tech Stuff: Setting Up BeeHiiv

IMPORTANT: Watch the 'Newsletters Together Live Call 01' (above) first!!!

Only watch the tech setup process AFTER you've watched the first live call, otherwise you might be completely lost and confused about what you are actually doing!

I've decided to provide the tech setup using BeeHiiv's own training videos because #1 they will be most accurate, #2 they update the platform regularly and there is no way for me to keep up, #3 it's already done.

Each button below will take you to a playlist of videos on YouTube that will walk you through everything.

Yes, I had to watch them all too but it's a priceless education!

If you get stuck, feel free to post in our Facebook group and I'll be glad to help you out!

First, Sign Up For BeeHiiv Using This Link

You can start on the Free Forever plan or dive in head first like I did to get all the best features (like Boosts)... Yep, it's my affiliate link, I appreciate your support, thanks! 

BeeHiiv 101: Initial Account Setup

This playlist of videos will help you get your account & newsletter setup and ready to go.

BeeHiiv 101: Advanced Tech Tutorials & Growth

This playlist covers all kinds of tech stuff like advanced subscriber tracking, adding social elements, key growth tech setup and many other advanced technical aspects.

You don't need to implement ALL of this stuff right upfront but eventually you'll want to be adding this stuff gradually as you grow (particularly the subscriber tracking) 

BeeHiiv 101: Basic Monetization Strategies & Setup

This playlist goes over several different ways to monetize your newsletter and how to set those strategies up from a technical standpoint. Of course we talk a lot about monetization & growth in our live calls but these videos will get more into the step-by-step setup of monetization.

Step 6: Schedule A 1-on-1 Private Call with Me

It would be helpful if you watched the first week's live call recording BEFORE you schedule or get on your call with me in order to avoid a lot of repeat questions. This will help you ask better questions more specific to your situation.

Peace & Love,

Jeremy Kennedy