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  • The Solo Broker's Rolodex

The most requested information from Solo Ad Arbitrage?
“Where do I find vendors who’s clicks I can resell?” 

We’ve created the Solo Broker's Rolodex in response to those requests.

The Solo Broker’s Rolodex is a handpicked list of solo ad sellers we've personally used and vetted.

One of the hardest parts of brokering is finding good, reliable suppliers of clicks that you can resell. The purpose of Solo Broker Rolodex is to fill that void and provide you with a strong list of pre-vetted, tested & handpicked vendors to work with.

This Rolodex has been completely updated (as of 11-23-2021).

Market Value: $197
Real World Value: We've spent thousands with these sellers vetting them for you. Partnering with just one person on the list could mean a partnership bringing $xx,xxx++ in business.

  • Big List Of  Groups & Marketplaces

In the main report I give you a few places to go for finding buyers and selling your solos. However, it's always good to have more places.

Therefore I've compiled a nice list of groups, Marketplaces and more that contain thousands of hungry buyers and a plethora of sellers to buy clicks from.

You'll definitely want to have this list. The more places you have to go, the more money you can make. It's just that simple.

  • Done-For-You Solo Ad Seller Sales Page

The best results usually come from having your own webpage where you can place all your testimonials and details and even buy buttons all on one page you can send all potential customers to.

This can be a cumbersome process so I've eliminated most of the work for you by creating a Done-For-You Solo Ad Seller template in Google Sites that you can duplicate with one click and host for free on Google Sites.

It's point & click easy to edit these sites with your own details and to add testimonials. And again, all 100% free.

Real Value: $997 (cost of normal sales page design)

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