If You’re Deathly Allergic To Technology And Don’t Have A Single Stinkin’ Clue How To Use AI And Couldn’t Draw A Stick Figure To Save Your Life

My Step-By-Step Over-The-Shoulder Video Series Will Turn You Into A Digital Picasso In Mere Minutes.

Backed by my "Love It or It's Free 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Hey Jeremy Kennedy here,

There’s a bunch of AI hoopla out there but here’s my promise to you…

If you can type words on a keyboard, using your laptop or mobile phone, you can make the most incredible images, graphics & art you can possibly dream up…

Not only can you make stunning art in the blink of an eye…

You can use your new found skill to bring home the bacon and earn real money online…

…without ANY previous experience or knowledge of AI, art, business or marketing.

And you can start doing it TODAY, within just an hour (or less) of reading this sentence.

After watching just the first 15 min video alone, you'll be able to start creating phenomenal art & images immediately, completely for free!

Here's a tiny sample of some AI Art I've made in seconds...

Introducing, the

After completing this bite-sized video course, you’ll know:

  • The BEST AI Art Tools and How To Use Them Without Spending A Single Penny
  • How to Create Stunning Images & Art In Literal Seconds Using Only Your Words
  • What Words To Use In What Order To Get The Exact Art You Want To Create
  • Where To Go To Get Infinite Inspiration For Easy Super Creative Art
  • How To Turn Your New AI Art Skills Into A Fun Side-Hustle To Help Pay The Bills

And A Heapin' Helping of a Whole Lot More!

Let’s face it, there are a ton of
AI products out on the market...

But most of them are built for people who already know what they’re doing or at least have some sort of technical ability.

But what good is a “Super Ultra Mega Pack of 125,776,245,722 Billion Prompts” if you don’t even know what a prompt is or how to use it?

Many people are simply left behind with the lightning fast pace of technology and AI.

My good friend Bill

In fact, this course was inspired by my good buddy, Bill.

Bill admitted to me that he had bought a bunch of AI products, software, prompt packs and so forth but he still didn’t understand what a prompt even was nor had a single clue how to use any of it.

So I pulled out my phone and recorded a quick five-minute video to show him exactly how to create AI art and he instantly got it — it FINALLY clicked for him!

That’s when I realized, there must be thousands of people just like Bill who struggle to understand this new tech in the recent whirlwind of AI.

That’s why I’ve designed this video course specifically to help people who struggle with tech and the basics of AI.

People like my mother. 

She loves to make little “printables” using tools like Canva and sell them on Etsy…

And while Canva is great, she'd LOVE to have the power of AI to create anything she can imagine on a whim…

But my mom wouldn’t dare stick her non-techy toes into the swift moving bloody waters of AI Art…

Dear ol' mom -- love ya!

I'm not sure she even knows AI art exists or what it is, lol...

Until now... Because I’m going to send her this course and I’m really excited for her to see it.

I know she’s going to have an absolute ball creating all kinds of fun art.

I’d love to give you that joy too... regardless of your technical or artistic ability!

A Quick Story with A Fun Example...

I wanted to make my son a new cool case for his iPad...

So I opened my favorite A.I. tool and whipped up a quick image of his favorite animal to create this awesome looking "Space Cat"...

Then I used a Print-On-Demand service to turn it into an iPad cover...

He absolutely LOVED it!!!

What’s More, You’ll Learn How to Monetize Your New Found Skill In Multiple Ways…

The methods I’ll show you are tried and true and easy for anyone to implement regardless of experience.

Just one simple example out of dozens...

Remember that iPad case I made for my son above?

Well, you could easily turn that into a full-blown side hustle creating easy-to-make Print-On-Demand products like that and make a small fortune.

But there's sooo many other things you could do too!

They are not only easy, but FUN!

Everyone I know who’s played around with AI Art has an absolute blast.

It’s so addicting to create super high quality art of anything you can imagine on a whim.

It’s even more fun when you can actually make money doing it!

But I Know You Still May Be A Little Skeptical, And Rightly So…

You’ve seen hundreds of courses, softwares, “hacks” and more that promise the kitchen sink, only to land you further into a world of confusion.

That’s why I’m doing 2 things to ensure you love it…

  1. I’m setting the price extremely low, affordable to anyone who’d like to have it.
  2. I’m giving you an iron-clad “Love It Or It’s Free” guarantee.

That’s right, if you don’t absolutely love this course or simply don’t think it’s for you, I’ll gladly buy it right back from you… 

I don’t want any unhappy customers, I’m here to serve!

Love It Or It's Free, Iron Clad 100% Money Back Guarantee!

If, for any reason, you don't like this product, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days after your purchase. Just email me at jeremykennedyhelp@gmail.com. If I can't help you, I'll gladly send you a full refund, no more questions asked.

Let’s Not Waste Any More Time…

I could go on and on about how great this is and how much you’ll love it but your time is precious so let’s get right to the point.

Get inside “The Super-Newbie’s Guide To AI Art” right now by clicking the button below.

Peace & Love,

Jeremy Kennedy

P.S. Just for kicks, I made all the artwork on this page using AI in seconds (except for the logo, Bill & my mom, of course!)

P.P.S. If you're still nervous about whether you can do this... don't be! Remember there's a 100% Money Back Guarantee so there is truly nothing to lose.. I promise, you'll have a ton of fun creating images and art with A.I., even if you don't consider yourself artistic or creative!

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